Virtual Master Data Management (Virtual MDM or VMDM)

What Does Virtual Master Data Management (Virtual MDM or VMDM) Mean?

Virtual master data management (Virtual MDM or VMDM) is a process in which data virtualization and master data management (MDM) technologies work to provide an integrated view of master data. It allows an organization to provide multiple, on demand views of master data to applications, processes and other entities requiring master data access.


Techopedia Explains Virtual Master Data Management (Virtual MDM or VMDM)

VMDM is an extension of MDM technology, which is used to eliminate data inconsistency and address the challenges of continuously changing data in a dynamic database environment. VMDM adds a layer of data virtualization to a MDM platform held by different operational databases.

For example, an organization’s master is stored and managed in different forms and sources, such as Web services, relational database management systems (RDBMS), Extensible Markup Language (XML) and standard files. VMDM adds a data virtualization solution that extracts data from these sources at run time and is accessible by different application and services through standard Web and database services. Thus, front end services can have an integrated and singular view of the master data without being prone to master data changes.


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