What does Violentacrez mean?

Violentacrez is the handle for a user on the social news site Reddit who created controversy by posting offensive material, specifically a "sub-Reddit" called Jailbait that posted sexually suggestive images of underage girls.

The name is pronounced "Violent-Acres."

Techopedia explains Violentacrez

Violentacrez was anonymous until he was outed by Gawker reporter Adrian Chen in October 2012. Prior to that, Violentacrez was well known on Reddit as (according to Chen) the "creepy uncle of Reddit."

He is significant not necessarily for the material that he posted, but rather what he represents in terms of the balance between free speech and online privacy on the Internet. Many Reddit users see free speech online as an absolute. Those who take the opposite side point out that some of Violentacrez's postings were unethical, if not illegal.


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