U.S. Cyber Command

What Does U.S. Cyber Command Mean?

The U.S. Cyber Command is part of the U.S military charged with monitoring and managing the existing cyberspace operations and cybersecurity of military and government IT and Internet operations. U.S. Cyber Command was initiated in 2009 to create a separate military wing for cyberspace operations and security.


U.S. Cyber Command is also known as U.S. Second Army or U.S. Army Cyber Command.

Techopedia Explains U.S. Cyber Command

A U.S. Army unit, the primary objective of USCYBERCOM is to ensure the security, integrity, privacy and governance of government and military IT assets and infrastructures through analyzing, building and implementing stringent government-wide information security policies – along with continuous monitoring and maintenance.

The key responsibilities of USCYBERCOM are in the planning, coordination, synchronization and conducting of computing network operations. Moreover, USCYBERCOM is capable of performing a full scale cyberspace operation against incoming cyberattacks.


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