Windows on ARM

What Does Windows on ARM Mean?

Windows on ARM (WOA) is a type of Windows operating system (OS) specifically designed to be installed and used on devices with ARM-based processor architectures.


WOA is the former name of Windows RT – the Windows 8 operating sytems that runs on the same ARM processor. This OS is similar to other flavors of Windows 8 but includes capabilities that utilize the functionality of ARM processors.

WOA and RT are often used synonymously, though Windows RT is now the official name according to Microsoft. This should not be confused with WinRT which refers to the Windows Runtime APIs used by programmers for coding Win apps.

Techopedia Explains Windows on ARM

WOA is designed for use with portable handheld devices, such as tablets and smartphones, that are powered by ARM microprocessors. WOA only supports the installation of applications certified by Windows, available via the Windows online store and/or developed using the Windows "tiled" style display format.

WOA cannot be directly purchased by end users or consumers and is only available to device manufacturers and proprietary Microsoft Windows tablet manufacturers. WOA is geared toward use for home, educational or personal use and comes pre-installed with various free applications, such as Office 2012 Home and Student RT.


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