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Wi-Fi Protected Access-Enterprise

What Does Wi-Fi Protected Access-Enterprise Mean?

Wi-Fi Protected Access-Enterprise (WPA-Enterprise) is a wireless security mechanism designed for small to large enterprise wireless networks. It is an enhancement to the WPA security protocol with advanced authentication and encryption.


WPA-Enterprise uses the Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service (RADIUS) protocol to manage user authentication.

Techopedia Explains Wi-Fi Protected Access-Enterprise

WPA-Enterprise works like WPA-Personal (WPA-PSK) but requires each user to self-authenticate via a RADIUS server. WPA-Enterprise works by assigning a long encryption key to each connected device. This key, which is shared with users, is not visible, virtually impossible to break and is automatically changed on a routine basis. The RADIUS server encompasses IEEE 802.1x, in which users are authenticated based on their account certificates.

WPA-Enterprise primarily uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption mechanism but also supports Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP).


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