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File Explorer

What Does File Explorer Mean?

File Explorer is a GUI component available in Windows 8 that enables users to access, edit and manage data, files and other content stored on a computer or mobile device.


File Explorer has a similar appearance and function as its predecessor, Windows Explorer, but is enhanced with more features and functionality.

Techopedia Explains File Explorer

File Explorer provides users with a centralized location to view the data on the computer. As an add-on feature, it also includes the ability to see administrative functions in a vertical ribbon bar, which replaces the previous command bar. Another major improvement is that two or more file copying processes can occur within a single window/screen. This is complemented by the ability to pause, stop, cancel and resume the copying process.

The searching feature in File Explorer provides an advanced search mechanism that can search for a file or data based on various attributes. File Explorer also enables the creation and addition of folders within Libraries, better control and maneuverability of multimedia files, SkyDrive integration and more.


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