Storage Spaces

What Does Storage Spaces Mean?

Storage Spaces is a Windows 8 operating system (OS) feature that allows a user to combine all storage hardware mediums as a single virtual pool of data. It is based on the Windows Home Server Drive Extender technology, which provided similar features but lacked data resiliency and integrity.


Techopedia Explains Storage Spaces

Storage Spaces allows users to create a virtualized logical storage drive on top of pooled storage capacity. Each virtual/logical drive or storage space may be used as a typical disk drive with the option to format, secure and segregate data. Data resiliency and redundancy is provided through a two or three-way mirroring technique, where two or three copies of each data object are maintained on separate disks.

Storage Spaces also incorporates a thin provisioning technique in which the collective capacity of physical hard drives is extended according to their actual size when converted into a pool or space.


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