Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

What Does Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant Mean?

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant is a software utility provided by Microsoft Corporation that scans and evaluates a computer for compatibility with the Windows 8 operating system.


Windows 8 upgrade assistant enables a user to check a computer’s hardware capability and software support for the Windows 8 operating system and suggest the necessary course of action to obtain it.

Techopedia Explains Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant is designed to be installed and used on Windows 7, Vista, XP and the pre-release version of Windows 8. It operates in several phases:

  • After being installed it will first check the system for hardware resources, connected peripheral devices and software applications that can be used with Windows 8.
  • If an abnormality or incompatibility is detected, Upgrade Assistant will suggest how it can be resolved by generating a compatibility report.
  • The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will also check the computer to support features and services that are native to and are only available in Windows 8, such as touch-enabled browsing, snap and secure boot.
  • Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant also provides the option to migrate applications, settings and files; however, that varies depending on the previous OS.
  • Finally, Upgrade Assistant will suggest the best Windows 8 version based on the previous evaluations and the options to buy, download and install Windows 8.

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