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What Does Corona Mean?

Corona is an open-source scheduling framework used on Apache Hadoop based data infrastructure. Corona was initially designed by Facebook to cope up with a large amount of current, incoming data and the queries processed by each data cluster. Corona is considered an advancement or successor to Hadoop MapReduce.

Techopedia Explains Corona

Corona is primarily designed to manage very large data sets that are beyond the capacity of MapReduce and for improved utilization of cluster resources. Corona works by introducing a specialized cluster manager and a dedicated job tracker for each job. The cluster manager routinely reviews the cluster for free resources and overall activity. The job tracker in turns tracks and monitors the status of each job/task. Job tracker can be executed on the client machine or on the cluster for larger data requirements. By isolating job roles and functions, which Hadoop MapReduce do not do, Corona achieves better cluster utilization and processes more jobs.


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