Governance Plan

What Does Governance Plan Mean?

A governance plan refers to roles and processes in an enterprise that serve as a guideline for fulfilling, sustaining and extending IT planning. A governance plan crosses all organizational layers, including stakeholders, administration, maintenance, strategy, policy and support.


A governance plan is also known as IT Planning, IT Governance and Corporate Governance of IT.

Techopedia Explains Governance Plan

An organization usually appoints a guiding body to oversee a governance plan and its processes and procedures by ensuring that all organizational structures are in place for data accuracy and security. An effective governance plan streamlines IT planning.

Forrester Research recommends the following approach to IT planning:

  • Planning tools: Provide enterprise planners with access to software application data inventory, including data related to costs, life cycles and end users.
  • Capability maps: Produce road maps by linking IT capabilities to critical IT-supported business processes.
  • Gap analysis tools: Capture data related to future business capabilities dictated by business strategies for the identification of areas requiring IT capability development, improvement or reduction.
  • Modeling and analysis tools: Create varied plans and weigh pros, cons and risks to facilitate clear IT communication and holistic planning.
  • Reporting tools: Report planning team results, such as identified software applications with redundant capabilities, to justify IT decisions.

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