Social Media War Room

What Does Social Media War Room Mean?

A social media war room is an organized social media marketing (SMM) tactic where an organization assimilates a team of 10 or more social media activists to share a message or campaign with targeted groups, demographics or media segments.


A social media war room may be used to launch a new product or service, combat negative press, define business metrics or create a buzz with social media networks.

Techopedia Explains Social Media War Room

The social media war room concept is simple: Garner attention by gathering a large group of 10 or more people to blast a message or campaign through business and personal social media accounts. Such an effort is well planned and generally completed in a short period – usually a day.

As with traditional marketing campaigns, the process begins with identifying a target market’s buyers, social networks, communities and top influencers, followed by messaging strategy and development. After establishing these core components, a team of 10 or more staff members and/or volunteers use the necessary technical and marketing tools to begin broadcasting the message.

A social media war room is successful if there is a substantial increase in content sharing, fans, likes, followers and website traffic.


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