Lightning Connector

What Does Lightning Connector Mean?

A Lightning connector is an 8-pin connector developed by Apple Inc. in 2012 for its series of iOS devices. The Lightning connector is used to provide communication with the computer and supply power to Apple handheld devices. It is used and supported by the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4, and the fourth-generation iPod Touch and iPod Nano.


Techopedia Explains Lightning Connector

The Lightning connector was a successor to the previously used 30-pin connector. It is a small wire with a USB 2.0 interface at one end and a connector plug at the other. The connector consists of a communication bus for dual data transfer; it also provides electrical power to the device. The Lightning connector plug also has an integrated processor chip that manages the appropriate use of each pin. The processor chip ensures that the device is connected with only Apple-certified, compatible accessories. Because it’s an 8-pin connector, it doesn’t have backward compatibility. However, with the addition of a converter adapter it can still be connected to older Apple devices.


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