Cloud Backup Service Provider

What Does Cloud Backup Service Provider Mean?

A cloud backup service provider is a company that provides services that allow customers to back up files online through cloud computing setups. A cloud backup service provider uses a variable routing network to back up files to a remote location. These service providers are part of a greater set of cloud computing services that allow customers to use remote networks to augment a physical hardware setup.


Techopedia Explains Cloud Backup Service Provider

Generally, cloud backup service providers will offer a service in which data is picked up from a local hardware system and is then encrypted for travel. Vendors will use a secure client log-in application to get access, and then transport files online to the vendor’s servers. These files should be available for retrieval by the client, allowing for a remote storage service that takes the burden off of administrators using fixed physical hardware systems.

From the client's viewpoint, the products provided by cloud backup service providers are simply ways to send data off into a cloud that is secure, available and properly administrated. Cloud services can also offer compliance with today’s regulations, such as HIPAA in the medical IT field, which can save customers a lot of money that they would have had to spend implementing proper security protocol on their own. Those buying from cloud backup service providers should always ask about how security is handled and whether these offers comply with applicable standards.


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