Enterprise Cloud Backup

What Does Enterprise Cloud Backup Mean?

Enterprise cloud backup is a type of cloud backup solution that is designed to operate and manage enterprise class backup requirements and services. Enterprise cloud backup allows an organization to back up all of its in-house data, applications and devices on a cloud backup infrastructure and provide the ability to instantly restore or recover that data in case of a disaster.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Cloud Backup

Enterprise cloud backup is generally similar to in-house backup solutions except that all of the backup resources are provisioned and managed by a cloud backup service provider. Enterprise cloud backup works through a vendor-provided backup application or API. The backup application is installed in each designated device to routinely back up data to a remote cloud over the Internet or via a VPN. Typically, an enterprise cloud backup provides a suite of services and capabilities including: Infrastructure: Scalable backup resources such as storage servers and backup application serversBackup Software Appliance: Purpose-built software for managing the data backup between the client and the enterprise cloud backup facility.Security: Physical and logical security mechanisms. Generally, these mechanisms meet SAS 70, SSAE 16 or other data center security standards. Electrical Power & Backup: Operational and backup electric powerSupport Staff: 24/7/365 on-site staff who routinely monitor and manage the entire facility Enterprise cloud backup also provides the ability to recover archived data, and provides flexibility in selecting backup locations geographically and accessing real-time reporting features.


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