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Active Directory Monitoring

What Does Active Directory Monitoring Mean?

Active directory monitoring (AD monitoring) is the use of manual, automated or programmatic techniques to monitor and manage the operations of the Microsoft Active Directory environment.


AD monitoring is the combination of several techniques and methodologies aimed at reducing and resolving the problems that exist within an enterprise class network directory.

Techopedia Explains Active Directory Monitoring

AD monitoring is generally performed through purpose-built Microsoft propriety, Microsoft Operation Manager (MOM), or a third-party application. The AD monitoring software accesses the Windows Perflib library to monitor, update and manage the directory service environment. These tools also provide a monitoring dashboard for quick statistics and editing into the directory service structure or framework. Regardless of the monitoring source, all AD monitoring processes and solutions primarily help ensure optimal performance and service. Some of the process in AD monitoring includes services monitoring, critical process monitoring, domain controller roles, and diagnosis and resolution services.


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