User Experience

What Does User Experience Mean?

User experience (UX) is a concept in computing system and application design that studies and evaluates human feelings and expressions when using such systems.


UX facilitates and enables the development of computing systems that are centered on ease of use and accessibility for a human user.

Techopedia Explains User Experience

UX primarily studies the behavior, feelings, perceptions, reactions, emotions and other psychological constraints that may occur with a computer or computing enabled device or application. UX is the core of human computer interaction (HCI) technologies. It is also the key job role of a UX designer.

Although it is a broad concept, UX generally focuses on the visual appearance of a system and how it affects the end user in terms of visual gratification and system usability and efficiency in completing system-specific tasks and processes.

User acceptance test (UAT) is a software testing technique that evlautes the UX of the tested software/application.


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