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Green Patent

Last updated: January 3, 2013

What Does Green Patent Mean?

A green patent is a patent on products or designs that provide environmental benefit. The term green patent represents one use of the term green, which refers to items or phenomena that accommodate decreased energy consumption or otherwise benefit the environment.

Techopedia Explains Green Patent

In recent years, many countries around the world have developed green patent systems for proprietary ideas that have great of ecological (and therefore often commercial) value. This includes the United Kingdom, United States and even Brazil and China.

International agencies continue to monitor the evolution of green patent programs and similar attempts to promote ecological benefit, as world governments struggle with a responsibility for sustaining the collective environment of the planet. Green patent programs can help incentivize innovation in eco-friendly business and reward those who have come up with new solutions for waste reduction, renewable energy/sustainability or ideas that are useful in other ecological areas.


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