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What Does Chamfer Mean?

A chamfer is a 45-degree beveled edge that is built into various designs, including architectural and tech products. Chamfers also may be used in circuit board technologies, where a 45-degree edge makes sense for a particular path.


Techopedia Explains Chamfer

A prominent example of the use of a chamfer in the design of physical IT products is in Apple devices. Some versions of the Apple iPhone include a chamfered edge that runs around the perimeter of the device where the side meets the back. This elaborate edging is part of what creates a certain "feel" for these mobile devices.

Apple’s use of the chamfer is said to be associated with the use of chamfer in the design of precious jewels, where these kinds of edges help provide the precise light refraction of diamonds and assorted gems. A chamfer technique is also used in many different kinds of products to provide the impression of ornate detail.


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