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Mobile First Strategy

What Does Mobile First Strategy Mean?

The mobile first strategy is a term tech experts have coined to refer to the primacy of mobile networks made up of modern smartphones attached to a large network coverage area. The mobile first strategy refers to companies’ increasing tendency to design their products for mobile phones or devices before making correlate designs for traditional desktop and laptop computers.


Techopedia Explains Mobile First Strategy

Some point to the emergence of super-popular iPhone and Android mobile devices as the catalysts for new consumer software and services in this decade. That’s driving companies to adopt a mobile-first strategy to ensure that they capture these markets before going after users who are still tethered to larger and less portable screens.

Although the mobile first strategy is becoming a reality for many companies, detractors still argue that mobile will hit a wall when increasingly connected users opt for the ergonomics and convenience of larger screens, keyboards, and the physical accommodations of as-of-yet non-portable devices (like laptops). These individuals argue that to make a mobile first strategy sustainable, mobile devices must offer the same kinds of utility that larger, non-portable devices currently promise.


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