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On-Demand Real-Time Analytics

What Does On-Demand Real-Time Analytics Mean?

On-demand real-time analytics is a type of data provision where users can get a single real-time view of data by initiating a user event, such as requesting a given report at a certain time. In general, real-time analytics is data that becomes available to analysts as soon as it is created.


Techopedia Explains On-Demand Real-Time Analytics

On-demand real-time analytics is one of two main categories of real-time analytics. The other is continuous real-time analytics, where data is continually refreshed without the user having to do anything to request it. Either of these types of real-time analytics rely on some pretty sophisticated types of IT architectures that can effectively bring data from where it is created into a greater software architecture and deliver it to an end user who may be using an entirely different set of software programs.

In general, providing effective on-demand real-time analytics, or for that matter, continuous real-time analytics, requires the use of specific metadata to allow data elements to flow through a software architecture. Developers and planners also need to make sure that servers and other hardware is completely functional in terms of routing the required data, and that compatible programs are in place throughout the hardware supply chain for data. The emergence of these kinds of real-time tracking tools is a valuable thing for modern businesses, although implementing them can be complicated.


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