Continuous Real-Time Analytics

What Does Continuous Real-Time Analytics Mean?

Continuous real-time analytics refers to a specific category of real-time analytics that brings continually updated or refreshed results to a user, rather than passively reacting to user events. In general, real-time analytics is the presentation of fresh or new data that is available to the users of a system as soon as it is entered. Continuous real-time analytics could be called true real-time analytics in the sense that the data is continually presented, and continues to be updated in real time without any action on the part of the user.


Techopedia Explains Continuous Real-Time Analytics

The best way to explain the definition of continuous real-time analytics is by contrasting it with a second category of real-time analytics called on-demand real-time analytics. On-demand real-time analytics is essentially a type of system where, although the data is available as it is created, the user who wants to view it in real-time has to request an update for results. One way to think about on-demand real-time analytics is that the user gets a real-time, bird’s-eye view of a process when they request it, but that in order to get continuous results in real-time, the user has to keep requesting data manually as quickly as possible. By contrast, continuous real-time analytics is in many cases easier to access and use, which makes it a valuable part of customer relationship management or CRM solutions and other kinds of digital business intelligence or enterprise tools that help businesses do more with big data resources.


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