What Does OpenMAMA Mean?

OpenMAMA is a new Middleware Agnostic Messaging API (MAMA) project geared toward developing a set of application programming interfaces (API) for messaging applications and software environments. A Linux Foundation product, OpenMAMA enables more effective building of messaging architectures by financial organizations.


Techopedia Explains OpenMAMA

OpenMAMA is designed to facilitate the complex task of accomplishing efficient data routing, or, more specifically, message sending, over distributed hardware setups or complex software structures. The use of messaging middleware APIs addresses this challenge. By creating an open source tool for messaging versatility, OpenMAMA helps clients achieve better time-to-market deployment for event driven applications.

Faster data transmission drastically improves the performance of many financial offices. Middleware is generally defined as a resource that links two different software programs, but OpenMAMA is an open source resource for helping build parts in a messaging chain, or bridge, that delivers a message from a point of origin to destination. In some ways, OpenMAMA is also a reaction to the financial industry’s desire and tendency to develop better messaging strategies, such as after a financial crisis or when an office is found to be at a competitive disadvantage.


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