Tablet Commerce (T-Commerce)

What does Tablet Commerce (T-Commerce) mean?

Tablet commerce (t-commerce) is a term for commerce that takes place over a platform connected to a tablet device - an increasingly popular mobile device class. As e-commerce continues to expand into a multibillion dollar industry, marketers are looking at specific categories of e-commerce and analyzing the online purchasing activities of end users via mobile phones, laptop computers, tablets or other devices.

Techopedia explains Tablet Commerce (T-Commerce)

Tablet commerce occurs when users shop online with an iPad or other tablet. It is widely expected to grow in future years as users take advantage of features specific to this class of device, such as larger screens and better touchscreen interfaces. Tablets may provide some advantages for online sales -because they are portable and because they tend to have better and more interactive interfaces. T-commerce is a key factor in how customer interfaces will be built by e-commerce vendors.


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