Too Long Didn’t Read

What Does Too Long Didn’t Read Mean?

Too long didn’t read (TLDR) is a concept that refers to human behavior in which an individual ignores or avoids reading lengthy content within a website or blog. TLDR exhibits a lack of interest toward a specific type of textual content. The Internet offers a wide breadth of choice and stimulation, and it can make the attention span of a reader very short, which makes TLDR a major challenge for online publishers.


Techopedia Explains Too Long Didn’t Read

TLDR is a syndrome where an individual either entirely ignores content or skims through only the heading, bullets or important sections. TLDR helps website designers, UX designers and content developers understand the psychological reactions of end users toward their product, service or application.

Initially, TLDR gained visibility when it was found that individuals typically bypass the terms and conditions for software, hardware or Internet product/services prior to use. TLDR has led to summarizing such documents and applications to make the content as precise as possible.


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