What Does Teoing Mean?

Teoing (#TE’OING or without apostrophe) is a photo fad or internet meme that quickly spread following the reports that the apparent girlfriend of Manti Te’o, a Notre Dame linebacker, and her death on September 2012 were all untrue. Teoing is another meme/fad in the lines of #Planking, #Owling, and #Tebowing, which is shown as a person, usually a man, posing with his "invisible" girlfriend with one arm suspended in the air where her shoulders should be.


Techopedia Explains Teoing

The teoing photo fad or meme popped up and quickly rose in popularity following the news on January 16, 2013 that Lennay Kekua, Manti Te’o’s apparent girlfriend who died the year before in September, never actually existed and that the relationship that they had for over a year leading to her death was an elaborate lie or social media hoax that may or may not involve Te’o himself. (Most reports though believe Te’o to be a victim.)

A Tumblr page (http://teoing.tumblr.com) went up just a day later dedicated to the new fad. Chase Reynolds, the 26 year old owner of the page, said that he got the idea when he saw a tweet of a #teoing picture. Reynolds said that he was simply grabbing photos from Twitter until people began submitting teoing photos to him to put up on his page. There are since many variations of the teoing meme, the original is apparently the "arm over the invisible shoulder pose" while variations include men proposing to invisible girlfriends, posing at landmarks, drinking, studying, and even playing sports, all with a common theme of having an invisible person in the picture.


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