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What Does Winipcfg Mean?

The winipcfg, which stands for Windows IP Configuration, is one of the utility programs that Microsoft included in their operating systems starting from Windows 95. This utility is used in providing specific information about the computer’s TCP/IP settings and configurations, such as IP and DNS addresses. In the event that there would be network connection problems, winipcfg can help in diagnosing and repair in certain situations.


Techopedia Explains Winipcfg

Winipcfg.exe was included as part of the standard Windows installation up to Windows ME. When Windows XP came out, winipcfg was replaced by two methods that do the same thing. Ipconfig.exe, which uses the traditional command line application displaying information via text interface. The other has a graphical user interface (GUI) form that makes it more user-friendly and it is able to display individual information for each network connection.

The utility program is accessed by typing its name on the Run menu in the Windows Start panel. The program will show the IP Configuration window with the following fields:

  1. Adapter Name

  2. Adapter Address

  3. IP Address

  4. Subnet Mask

  5. Default Gateway


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