What Does Crowdsolving Mean?

Crowdsolving is the idea that many individuals can come together to provide collective solutions to problems. Although this general idea can be applied to any kind of leadership team or structure throughout the centuries, a newer definition implies the use of technologies to guide crowds to collective decisions, or interpret solutions provided by the results of a wide survey.


Crowdsolving is also known as crowd solving.

Techopedia Explains Crowdsolving

In general, crowdsolving is a more specific variant of a phenomenon known as crowdsourcing. Both crowdsolving and crowdsourcing are largely promoted through some relatively new technologies that have changed societies, lifestyles and the global business world in many ways. These include the ease of transmitting massive amounts of data, or collecting diverse data, through a global Internet. Crowdsolving also may be particularly applied to software products or other information technology, especially in addressing any problems related to development or product processes. For example, a development problem addressed through a wide survey of developers may be crowdsolved through the interpretation and use of survey results.

Crowdsolving also may be applied to either business innovation or global problems that the world’s nations face together, where collective ideas can contribute to better, more consistent responses to a challenge.


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