Enterprise Social Networking

What Does Enterprise Social Networking Mean?

Enterprise social networking (ESN) refers to the way an organization uses social media, social networking and similar technologies to connect for a broad range of business purposes, activities and processes.


ESN can involve both internal corporate social networking used by employees as well as any corporate use of public social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

Techopedia Explains Enterprise Social Networking

Enterprise social networking is used to suit varied organizational purposes, including:

  • Testing of innovative ways to connect with management, staff and customers/leads
  • Enhancing employee or management collaboration
  • Gathering staff feedback
  • Providing data to individuals inside and outside an enterprise, empowering employees and promoting consumer loyalty
  • Customizing brand strategy, visibility and support via social channels, like Facebook and its Open Graph
  • Crowdsourcing new product development
  • Launching campaigns or events traditionally handled by management

Enterprise social networking is often used as a method of reducing the number of emails exchanged in an organization, and communicating much more quickly and effectively than through email.


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