IT Strategic Plan

What Does IT Strategic Plan Mean?

An IT strategic plan is a document that defines the strategy an organization will implement to enable its IT infrastructure and portfolio to operate and function in line with its business objectives. An IT strategic plan ensures that the enterprise IT provides optimum output and services that directly support the organization’s core mission, strategy and priorities.


An IT strategic plan is also known simply as an IT plan.

Techopedia Explains IT Strategic Plan

An IT strategic plan is a formal document that defines how enterprise IT will provide, support and ensure ongoing business operations. It consists of IT’s strategic goals and objectives as they relate to business, current IT infrastructure and HR capabilities, future requirements, and the overall performance and transition road map for IT.

Typically, an IT strategic plan takes several months of effort to complete, and includes input and direction from senior IT and business management. It is designed for a duration of anywhere from three to five years.


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