Information Technology Infrastructure Library Change Management

What Does Information Technology Infrastructure Library Change Management Mean?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) change management is one of the processes of ITIL framework process areas that defines and provides standardized processes and techniques to handle and implement changes within an IT infrastructure with a minimum impact on business.


It enables organizations to create, assess, approve and implement changes within an IT environment under a controlled process. The change refers to any modification made to IT infrastructure regardless of if it is changed to an existing environment or the addition of a new IT component or process.

Techopedia Explains Information Technology Infrastructure Library Change Management

The ITIL change management process is part of the Service Transition phase of the ITIL framework. It incorporates changes made to any IT component i.e. hardware, software, communication and all processes that directly or indirectly affects live IT operations. The ITIL change management process requires that each change must pass a change management process before being approved and implemented.

This includes assessing and evaluating changes, planning and authorizing them, followed by closing change requests. Moreover, ITIL change management also ensures that each change request is continuously tracked from its inception to completion, with detailed documentation of each process involved in the change implementation.


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