User Experience Platform (UXP)

Last updated: September 20, 2013

What Does User Experience Platform (UXP) Mean?

A user experience platform (UXP) is the collective set of Web-based tools and technologies that interact with and are consumed by an end user. It is a solution platform that integrates all of the technologies that provide user interaction and interfacing capabilities or features.


Techopedia Explains User Experience Platform (UXP)

UXP deals with all technologies that are responsible for creating, delivering and managing user interaction and the presentational entities of a business. The tools, technologies and components incorporated in UXP are broad and include Web analytics, search, rich Internet applications, Web content management, mobile, social, programming frameworks, e-commerce, API, mashups, collaboration and portals. These products/tools can be delivered/marketed as individual components or combined into a single integrated product.


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