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Off-Grid Data Center

What Does Off-Grid Data Center Mean?

An off-grid data center is any data center that is not connected to an external public or private electrical grid station/provider. An off-grid data station is a self-powered, self-sufficient data center with its own power generation, supply, backup and management resources.


Techopedia Explains Off-Grid Data Center

An off-grid data center works as a typical data center but doesn’t rely on any external or third-party electrical/power supply provider for all of its electricity requirements. Typically, an off-grid data center has a supply of redundant and renewable power generation, such as solar, wind turbines, hydro, fuel cells or similar in-house power plants. This model helps eliminate the risk of complete power failure or disconnection from the external power grid, in the event of a natural/artificial disaster or provider-related failure. Moreover, in using renewable power generation technologies, an off-grid data center is also considered a green data center.


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