Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Last updated: April 23, 2013

What Does Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Mean?

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is the collective set of tools, technologies, processes and policies used to manage and maintain the use of mobile devices within an organization.

EMM is an evolving organizational trend that deals with the business, as well as technological context, of the increasing trend of mobile and handheld device usage in routine business operations.

Techopedia Explains Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

EMM is primarily centered on the enterprise governance, security, management and control of mobile computing technologies. It encompass processes and policies across all mobile devices that have part or a major stake within business processes, such as smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops. EMM’s scope is typically focused on security, application integration and management, as well as the financial implications of such solutions.

For example, an enterprise's EMM policy must ensure that the enterprise application is integrated and usable by mobile devices, while providing and ensuring secure access mechanisms. Moreover, the organization must control and manage the financial costs involved in providing such solutions to company/employee owned devices.

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