Hyperscale Storage

What Does Hyperscale Storage Mean?

Hyperscale storage is an enterprise-class storage mechanism with the ability to massively expand under a controlled and efficient managed, software-defined framework. It enables the construction of storage facilities designed to manage and store petabytes (PB) or even greater quantities of data.


Techopedia Explains Hyperscale Storage

Hyperscale storage is typically implemented in environments that require storage media that can be flexibly scaled at runtime or on demand to a virtually indefinite capacity. Generally, hyperscale storage is a progression of conventional enterprise storage, which was usually limited to only terabytes of data. The primary objective of hyperscale storage is to provision a humongous raw storage pool, which is entirely or mostly managed using purpose-built storage management software.

Hyperscale storage is generally implemented in IT environments with large data requirements, such as big data repositories, cloud computing infrastructures, social media networks, government agencies and the Internet.


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