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Laminated Object Manufacturing

What Does Laminated Object Manufacturing Mean?

Laminated object manufacturing (LOM) is a rapid prototyping manufacturing technology that enables the construction of 3-D models. This 3-D printing and fabricating technique creates 3-D models by adding, depositing and solidifying raw material in successive horizontal layers to create a solid object.


Techopedia Explains Laminated Object Manufacturing

LOM, like any other rapid prototyping technique, is an additive manufacturing process. A solid object is cut to form a shape using laser beams or a knife, which cut their way around the geometrical coordinates of a CAD diagram. The solid object can be laminated glued paper, metal or plastic, merged together in a layered form during the fabrication process. LOM makes it possible to build models quickly and much less expensively than other prototyping techniques. However, LOM doesn’t provide the highest level or precision and accuracy compared to other similar technologies.


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