Backup To Disk

What Does Backup To Disk Mean?

Backup to disk (B2D) is the process of using a hard disk based storage device, mechanism or solution to store and retrieve backup data. B2D enables the transmission and upload of backup data from a local computer disk to the disk of a remote storage server.


Techopedia Explains Backup To Disk

Typically, the backup to disk process requires having one or a pool of remote/local storage servers with one or more native storage disks. The disks can be in the form of standard hard disk drives, solid state disks or other similar disk technology. The backup data from the local computer is uploaded on the network/Internet through backup software, which compresses, sorts and uploads the data on the remote or a local backup storage server. The storage server stores backup data on the disk in such a way that it is easily indexable, identifiable and extractable, and so that its security, privacy and integrity remain intact.


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