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Backup To Tape

What Does Backup To Tape Mean?

Backup to tape (B2T) is the process of uploading, transmitting or saving backup data from a local computer in an IT environment to a magnetic tape based backup storage system. Backup to tape is generally implemented in enterprise storage scenarios where the core storage server/architecture uses tape drives as its native storage device.


The term backup to tape may also refer to the software that enables the storage of backup data on tape storage devices or drives.

Techopedia Explains Backup To Tape

Typically, backup to tape is performed through a purpose-built, tape drive specific or standard backup software. The backup to tape process can be scheduled, and may take several forms, such as incremental, differential or complete. Moreover, other backup processes such as disk-to-disk-to-tape and disk-to-tape can also be referred to as methods of backup to tape as both of them eventually use tape drive storage for data backup.


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