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Fist To Five

What Does Fist To Five Mean?

Fist to five is a consensus-building tool commonly used in agile software development processes. It is one of several kinds of visual gesture devices that allows for quicker communications to minimize the time spent collaborating and coming to a consensus on elements of a project.


Techopedia Explains Fist To Five

Although fist to five can be applied to any consensus-building situation, it is commonly used in agile software development, where consensus is important and time is valuable. Essentially, individual team members can quickly provide their input on support for project issues by simply raising their hands and showing either a specific number of fingers, or a closed fist. The support scale goes from 0 to 5, with five being full support, and a fist signifying total opposition. Typically, two fingers would represent a few minor objections, while one finger represents a more significant objection or concern.

Fist to five is among other various conventions in agile software development team meetings, some of which are called scrum meetings, where team members gather to discuss or weigh in on projects. Other types of similar devices include planning poker, as well as other kinds of strategies for defining individual roles in a project, such as pigs and chickens.


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