Software-Defined Networking Monitoring Application

What Does Software-Defined Networking Monitoring Application Mean?

A software-defined networking monitoring application (SDN monitoring application) is a type of program that monitors and manages network operations and traffic within a software-defined network environment. An SDN monitoring application is similar to a standard network monitoring application but is designed specifically to operate within SDN-based environments.


Techopedia Explains Software-Defined Networking Monitoring Application

An SDN monitoring application is primarily a network management and monitoring tool that works in collaboration with the network operating system and a set of APIs. These APIs are integrated throughout the network in each node, device and network medium and help to extract and deliver network monitoring specific data to the SDN monitoring application that records and analyzes it in order to evaluate overall network operations.

For example, in Cisco SDN environments, NetFLOW/IPFIX is an API that collects, monitors and delivers the performance related details of a switch.


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