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Data Architect

What Does Data Architect Mean?

A data architect is an individual who is responsible for designing, creating, deploying and managing an organization’s data architecture. Data architects define how the data will be stored, consumed, integrated and managed by different data entities and IT systems, as well as any applications using or processing that data in some way.


Techopedia Explains Data Architect

A data architect primarily ensures that an organization follows a formal data standard and that its data assets are in line with the defined data architecture and/or with the goals of the business. Typically, a data architect maintains the metadata registry, oversees data management, optimizes databases and/or all data sources and more.

Data architects are usually skilled at logical data modeling, physical data modeling, data policies development, data strategy, data warehousing, data querying languages and identifying and selecting a system that is best for addressing data storage, retrieval and management.


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