Web Operations

What Does Web Operations Mean?

Web operations (WebOps) refers to the overall processes and tasks of websites and the Web-based operations of IT applications and services. It is part of the IT system management that deals with providing end-to-end management of an organization’s Web-based resources.


Techopedia Explains Web Operations

WebOps is a broad concept that includes a list of different tasks and technologies that enable managing Web-based processes and tasks. Typically, the scope of Web operations includes network monitoring, load balancing, availability, disaster recovery, server software and hardware, security, storage, databases and more.

The ultimate goal of WebOps is to ensure seamless operations and delivery of all Web properties to local and remotely connected users. WebOps is generally performed by a specialized WebOps team within enterprise environments, which have a broad understanding of networks, system monitoring and administration, security and the other operational components of a website, Web application or Web service.


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