Mobile Malware

What Does Mobile Malware Mean?

Mobile malware is malicious software that is specifically built to attack mobile phone or smartphone systems. These types of malware rely on exploits of particular operating systems (OS) and mobile phone software technology, and represent a significant portion of malware attacks in today’s computing world, where mobile phones are increasingly common.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Malware

Within the general category of mobile malware, certain kinds of smartphones are targeted more often than others. Industry research shows that an overwhelming majority of mobile malware targets the Android platform, rather than other popular mobile OS systems, like Apple’s iOS. Various types of mobile malware include device data thieves and device spies that take certain kinds of data and deliver it to hackers.

Another type of mobile malware is called root malware, or rooting malware, which gives hackers certain administrative privileges and file access. There also are other kinds of mobile malware that perform automatic transactions or communications without the device holder’s knowledge.

One possible solution for limiting the potential for mobile malware is to upgrade to the latest OS. Users also can look for smartphone manufacturer information about how it addresses mobile viruses, malware and OS upgrades.


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