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What Does Macrocell Mean?

A macrocell is a cell used in cellular networks with the function of providing radio coverage to a large area of mobile network access. A macrocell differs from a microcell by offering a larger coverage area and high-efficiency output. The macrocell is placed on stations where the output power is higher, usually in a range of tens of watts.


Techopedia Explains Macrocell

A macrocell is a radio coverage cell in cellular networks. The coverage distance varies depending on the frequency and bandwidth of the signals as well as physical obstructions in the area. Macrocell antennas, on the other hand must be properly mounted on ground-based masts, rooftops or other existing structures and at heights for an unhindered, clear view of the surroundings. Its performance can be increased by increasing the efficiency of the transceiver. Since this type of cell offers the largest coverage area, it is placed in stations along highways and rural areas where large stretches rarely have service within a few kilometers.


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