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FBI Computer Scam

What Does FBI Computer Scam Mean?

The FBI computer scam is a modern computer virus that uses elaborate phishing methods to collect money from targets under the guise of the the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This virus emerged in 2012 and is part of a category of viruses called ransomware, which hold computer systems hostage in exchange for money.


Techopedia Explains FBI Computer Scam

In the FBI computer scam, recipients get a message on their computer screen that uses the FBI seal and makes users think that they are under investigation. The real FBI has warned consumers about this fake message, which demands a fine in order to unlock computer systems. IT experts are also recommending that consumers use Windows Safe Mode to get around the virus, and that modern firewalls and anti-virus software be installed on systems.

It’s important to note that even though users restore access, the program may still be running in the background, accessing private information through keylogging or other tools. Experts also recommend using browsers other than Internet Explorer, which seems to be singled out by this type of virus. As for law enforcement, experts note that actual security services do not typically send user messages of this kind, and urge consumers not to provide personal information in response to these demands.


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