System Center Configuration Manager

What Does System Center Configuration Manager Mean?

The System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a component of Microsoft’s system center setup for server and client platforms. It allows administrative professionals to help end users gain access to the devices and applications they need without compromising corporate security.


Techopedia Explains System Center Configuration Manager

The design of the System Center Configuration Manager, according to Microsoft, relies on a "unified infrastructure" that puts physical, virtual and mobile clients under one general umbrella and adds tools and resources that can help IT administrators tightly control access. Administrators can control elements within the cloud and on-site through a particular interface. The System Center Configuration Manager can help with desktop virtualization and other kinds of IT architectures.

One major area of use for the System Center Configuration Manager is as a comprehensive tool for endpoint protection, where Microsoft administrators can use the Configuration Manager and Endpoint Protection tools to provide cutting-edge security for a system. Experts point out that security and management have in the past been promoted as separate ideas, but that the System Center Configuration Manager provides a single platform for both of these goals.


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