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What Does BlueJ Mean?

BlueJ is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Java programming language. This software application helps to provide a more precise interface for creating projects and coding in Java.


Techopedia Explains BlueJ

BlueJ was primarily built to assist with user education on object-oriented programming. The interface supports visual views of classes and coded objects. The idea is that by ordering and organizing visual representations of Java code, these kinds of tools can make programming languages like Java easier to use. In object-oriented programming studios like MS Visual Basic environments, the idea of object-oriented programming uses a multi-view strategy to show both visual objects and the underlying source code. The same idea is at work in the BlueJ interface. Users can create new projects in BlueJ and add classes from outside files. As with many of these kinds of applications, source code is represented on other layers of the interface, with icons.

Another feature of BlueJ that users can compile code in the program. Other elements of BlueJ include a ‘code pad’ tool for looking at smaller pieces of Java code, as well as regression testing resources and multilingual support for a global user base.


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