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Cloud Computing Reseller

What Does Cloud Computing Reseller Mean?

A cloud computing reseller is a type of IT service provider that buys cloud computing product and services from a cloud service provider and resells them to its own customer base. They are similar to IT products and services resellers that specifically deal in cloud computing product offerings.


A cloud computing reseller may also be termed a value added cloud reseller.

Techopedia Explains Cloud Computing Reseller

A cloud computing reseller can resell mostly all cloud computing services such as software, infrastructure, storage, services, etc. They buy cloud products and services such as cloud storage, software licenses, servers stacks, and resell them to their customer after adding some profit. If the cloud computing reseller is working under a white label reselling program, they can rebrand and resell the cloud products or services as their own.

A cloud computing reseller acts as a valued added reseller (VAR) when they combine and/or complement the cloud product/service with additional value or functionality. For instance, if a cloud computing reseller combines their photo editing software with cloud provider’s storage service to enhance the value of software product.


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