What Does Hackerspace Mean?

A hackerspace refers to a place or facility where individuals with similar interests gather together to work on projects, share knowledge and collaborate on ideas. It is a community-oriented place that brings in or connects individuals looking to learn or collaborate on something.


A hackerspace might also known as a hacklab, makerspace and hackspace.

Techopedia Explains Hackerspace

A hackerspace primarily connects individuals sharing same interest for a specific tool, technology or art. Although its name is somewhat dubious, a hackerspace is not a playing ground, community or gathering of hackers. A hackerspace can be of any number of individuals having skills and expertise in any focused or related interest group. A hackerspace is commonly used to work jointly on a product or technology. The members of the hackerspace, each having unique and different skills sets, collaborate and work together to develop it. For example a hackerspace developing or working on robots might have expert or skillful individuals in robotics, electronics, computer programming, mechatronics and physiology.


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