Phone Stacking

What Does Phone Stacking Mean?

Phone stacking refers to any type of user event in which multiple smartphone or mobile device holders try to limit interaction with their devices. It often involves a group of people that put away their devices in a stack or common space to replace machine interaction with human interaction.


Phone stacking is also known as phone stack, cell phone stacking and cell phone game.

Techopedia Explains Phone Stacking

A common example of a negative phone stacking incentive occurs when a group of friends gather at a restaurant, and the first person to retrieve a phone incurs a penalty.

Simple activities like phone stacking reveal some of modern tech’s most important user issues related to the pervasiveness of online or digital interaction. With popular social media platforms and increased hardware versatility, people are becoming more linked to their devices and less interactive with their physical environments. Phone stacking is geared toward transforming this equation into a voluntary method of limiting device interaction. In the future, activities and ideas like phone stacking may generate various solutions presented by device manufacturers and interface designers.


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