Form Grabber

What Does Form Grabber Mean?

A form grabber is a type of malware that captures private information, like usernames and passwords, directly from a Web browser form or page. It gains access to a victim’s computer much like a Trojan horse or even a Web browser add-on or toolbar. Once it runs on an infected machine, the form grabber records information entered into the form based on the form creator’s specifications. The form data is then stored and later transmitted to a specific server.


Techopedia Explains Form Grabber

Form grabbing is an evolved and advanced method for capturing Web form data from various Web browsers. It is different from a key logger in that it provides a cleaner and better captured data structure.

Some form grabbers intercept and copy the data sent by the submit application programming interface (API) before it goes to the Internet. A form grabber’s typical target is a user’s Internet banking information, as often, a banking site’s login requirements are more varied and structured. The information grabbed may be used immediately for banking crimes and fraud or sold to other criminal parties. Internet banking crimeware is one of the fastest growing types of malware threatening every form of operating system (OS) and Web browser.


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